Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shoes for a New Season

Today, as I continued the packing process for Africa, it came time to pack away all of my work/church clothes.  This included boxes of some of my favorite high heels.  I used to call them my "heels of authority" because clearly, the higher the heel, the closer to God.  As I carefully packed my old friends, one layer of shoes at a time, I felt a little sad to be away from CotC.  Funny that being simply a participant in the worship services has been okay, but somehow packing my shoes is making me all emotional. Weird, huh?

Besides packing, this week has been busy with many things to prepare for my surgery and trip to Africa.  I had an appointment with my surgeon on Monday which went well.  He was friendlier than last time, and after giving a few samples, one via a needle and another via paper cup, I was done with all of my pre-op activities.  So a week from Thursday, adios thyroid! 

I've also been learning about photography from my friend Tammy in prep for Africa.  Today, I photographed Camille Baham, daughter of my friends Jen and Jeff.  I chose her because she's small, unpredictable in what she does and cute, which was a winning combination because I was pretty pleased with some of the pictures. While I don't consider myself a skilled photographer, with the help from tips from Tammy and a good camera, I got some pretty good shots. Here are a couple of my favorites.

So there are the results of my first photo shoot - thank you Camille and Jen!  Tomorrow, more packing, more photos and more pre-surgery/Africa fun!  Thanks for reading.

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