Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Photo Practice

The Bahams have been nice enough to let me continue practicing my photography on their beautiful daughter Camille.  Here are a couple pictures from our latest photo shoot:

I'm still continuing to pack and today, I started moving things into the pod which was nice because now my living room isn't so crazy cluttered.  A couple of more boxes and I'm done!
Then tomorrow (Monday) I'll clean up, scrub floors, etc. and Tuesday, one of my two sub-leasers move in and I'll head up to Petaluma to see my family and pick up my parents.  In just a few days, I'll begin the season of living out of a suitcase... hooray???  I have to say I'm excited to get on with things - surgery, recovery, Africa - but not excited about four months living out of bags.  I guess the up side is that the longer I'm away, the sweeter coming home and unpacking will be.  Thanks for reading:)


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