Friday, June 13, 2008

The First Box

Yesterday, I started to pack the first of many boxes.  (If you look close enough to this picture, you'll see musical evidence that I truly was a teenager during the 90's.) This first box is huge for me because it shows I've actually sorted through enough of my stuff and taken enough trips to the thrift store to start packing away things I want to keep.  Who knew I could accumulate so much stuff in just three years of living in a tiny little cottage?!?!?!?  It also shows that I'm finally moving past the whole stage of, "Oh geez, there are growths in my throat, I'm having surgery, it might be cancer, am I really going to Africa?" which I've been fighting the past couple of weeks.  The first box = I'm feeling better about life - hooray!

Matt and Steven (the guys subletting from me) were nice enough to agree to a new move in date, July 1, instead of June 17 which gives me a couple more weeks to pack and clean.  Mary from CRWRC told me yesterday to plan on coming to Grand Rapids August 4-6 for training and I'm praying that on August 7, I'll be on a plane to Africa, but that's not set yet.  

So in the meanwhile, I've scouted out a storage unit, am continuing to clean and pack and am enjoying a little extra time before Africa with people I love in San Jose.  I'm also being thankful for little things, like a half-packed cardboard box, a walk down memory lane courtesy of MC Hammer and NKOTB, and especially for all the support people have been giving me - thank you!!!!

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