Sunday, September 14, 2008

Maasai Mara

I just have a minute in the office before I have to run home and pack for Malawi, but I had to write a quick note about my AMAZING safari this weekend. I know, I know - between this post and the last one, you are probably thinking that all I'm doing is having a good time, but I promise, I have been working hard and this is the only fun trip I am taking while I am here. Last week we were in Limuru all week at a conference where there was no internet and no hot water - yikes for both! Monday and Tuesday were focused on CRWRC's work in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and Wednesday-Friday was environmental training which was very interesting (will write more about this later)

Saturday morning we flew to Maasai Mara game reserve, stayed the night and flew back to Nairobi this afternoon. It was truly an incredible experience. So many animals, so much land, so beautiful! This is the season for the wildebeest migration where 
about 1.5 million of them run through the park. We didn't see all of them, but saw quite a few along with lions, giraffes, cheetah and cheetah pups, crocodiles, tons of beautiful birds including an ostrich, elephants and my favorite of all - hippos! You name it, we saw it! I will post a few pictures now and more later. (Only have time to download a few photos of my pocket camera - after I download all, will choose some favorites and post them. Just in case you couldn't tell - the top one is me with a lion, and the second is me with a cheetah)

This week I'm off to Malawi for just under a week. I'll be visiting CRWRC's partners there including Justin and Ruth Majawa's work with Save Orphans Ministry. (If you were at CotC this last spring, you probably met Justin and Ruth.) The taxi comes for my roommate Alice and myself tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. - Alice has been here for a month and is returning to Canada tomorrow.
- Kristen

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Oliver said...

K-No!!! Wow, amazing stories. Nice pic near the lion. Did you get a haircut? But seriously, you rock! You are doing great works in Africa. God bless.